What to watch online this week???

The current lockdown situation has got us glued to our television boxes. Online TV is such a boon in this hour of need, but it is difficult to select what to watch due to so many options of channels and content. To make this easy, I am going to share my review of whatever shows or movies I watched so far.

Here are some of my recommendations for what I watched during this long weekend:

1. Mrs. Serial Killer– Available on Netflix. Rating: 1/5. Genre: Thriller.

Starred by great actors like Jacqueline and Manoj Bajpai with debutant Zayn (Aamir’s niece), this was a sore to not only the eyes (due to some bad acting) but also to ears (bad dialogues) and mind (bad plot). The whole story is so such jumbled up with no connect of one scene to another, not to forget the badly written dialogues. A bad plot with a predictable ending. Hardly any exciting scene in the movie except when Manoj is on the screen.

Recommendation: Its lockdown, everyone has ample free time, so watch just for Manoj Bajpai.

2. Hundred: Available: Hotstar. Rating :4/5. Genre: Action comedy.

A wonderful show with some really great actors, Lara Dutta is a delight to watch after such a long time and she has done a brilliant job in the series. The main protagonist is this really quirky Marathi girl (Rinku Rajguru) who is strangled in the daily life problems until she finds out that she has brain cancer. And then, she decides to live her life to the fullest and becomes a police informer just out of frenzy, she is really fun to watch. Lara Dutta is playing the part of a Mumbai police force officer and reveals truth regarding the discrimination towards ladies at work . All the actors in the serial have done brilliant work with some amazing dialogue writing. There are 8 episodes to season 1.

Recommendation: A must watch. You cannot miss this one.

3. Upload: Available on Amazon Prime. Rating: 4/5. Genre: Science fiction.

The story is set in dystopian future in 2033, where people, after death, are able to ‘upload’ themselves into their preferred choice of afterlife. Sound crazy, right! But it is a great story which gets better as it progresses. Also, it gives a glimpse of various technological advances that could happen in future such as Botox in babies, creating clones, bee facials, stem cells injections, Siri driven cars and more stuff that seems weird right now but may happen in future. There are 10 episodes to the season 1 and all are pretty interesting. Although a bit slow but quiet a fascinating series.

Recommendation: Excellent and refreshing. Highly recommended!!!

4. The Liftboy: Available on Netflix. Rating: 3/5. Genre: Drama.

A simple yet optimistic story of a young boy, who has failed four times in engineering exam, takes on a liftboy’s job as a replacement to his ill father. The story shows his transformation from a selfish and careless boy to a man who starts respecting his father for his job, which he considered menial initially. Also, as the story progresses, it is revealed that the owner of the building has paid for his education, which inspires him to work hard to pass at the fifth attempt. Well the movie is nice and all, but a bit away from reality, seems bit too optimistic, although highlights a message that imparting education is key to uplifting the society. All the actors were great, but the overall movie is only ok types.

Recommendation: Should watch as there is no much time due to lockdown, otherwise you can pass.

5. Into the Night: Available on Netflix. Rating: 4/5. Genre: Science fiction thriller.

This is an apocalyptic sci-fi drama thriller series, inspired by the Polish novel The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj. The plot revolves around the nature catastrophe due to the change in polarity of the sun, as it starts emitting gamma rays and thus destroying everything that comes in its way. There is a group of people stranded on a plane, and they try to escape the sun and on the move to find out a safe haven. There are only 3 episodes available right now.

Recommendation: Can try if you like the genre.

6. Chacha Chaudhary: Available on Hotstar. Rating: 3/5. Genre: Cartoon.

We all have read Chacha Chaudhary comics in our childhood days, and now it’s time to see its cartoon version. This really made me happy and got me down to the memory lane, as they were my favourite duo during those good old days. Now you can really relive your childhood days with watching them as cartoon. Although not as good as comic, it is fine and should be watched, one extra point for bringing back the childhood memories.

Recommendation: Must watch if you are a fan of Chacha Chaudhary comics.

7. Coronavirus Explained: Available on Netflix. Rating: 5/5.

2020 will always be remembered as the year of Coronavirus pandemic. This documentary looks into the reasons of its spread and how it has spread from its epicentre to other countries. It also highlights warnings issued by the experts and their studies on various animal viruses, especially bat, to understand the nature of the virus. It also features the clips from Bill gates from April 2019, in which he talks about the pandemic being the most dangerous problems of the current times. It makes me wonder that many people sitting on the top might had some hint of the situation like this already and still none of the countries were prepared to tackle this pandemic. Something to ponder!!!

Recommendation: Highly recommended, as it gives a deep dive into the Coronavirus, which is the centre topic of current times.

8. Kaamyaab: Available on Netflix. Rating: 5/5. Genre: Drama

This is one of the most amazing movie that I have seen in recent times. Yet another brilliant performance by Sanjay Mishra, it is an ode to the wonderful side actors of the movie industry. It also has other amazing actors such as Deepak Dobriyal, Avtar gill and Sarika singh. The tone of the movie is filled with humour and honesty which highlights the importance of side actors in bollywood. Produced by Shahrukh khan’s production house, the movie depicts the story of a not so famous side actor who rethinks his retirement plans after realising that he is one movie short of completing his list of 500 movies. You will also get to see other yesteryears actor such as Birbal, Viju Khote, Lilliput, and Guddi maruti. The best part of the movie is its perfect ending which will totally steal your heart.

Recommendation: You just can’t miss this one. Highly recommended!!!

This ends my list of the movies and TV series that i watched over the weekend.

I will be coming back with more reviews very soon. Till then…..Netflix/Amazon prime/Hotstar and Chill at home!!!

#stayhome #Staysafe.

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